A universe of intelligent solutions

The humanity desire to love nature has also led humanity to want to control it. Therefore, control over water is a dilemma for the human being. Here is where all IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L efforts are focused. Our company throws all its knowledge on making the most of every single drop.

Our reason for living is efficiency when channeling water and this is not only about offering excellent products, but it is also related to make it at the best price and whenever necessary. To do so, our company keeps growing at the same level as the more and more demanding markets, by betting on designing and manufacture the most optimal solutions and serve them at the right time.

Our lines of work are:

  • Drain and vent sanitary systems (Hydro-sanitary)
  • Evacuation
  • Pressurized fluid piping
  • Rainwater evacuation (gutters)


Fernando Valls  I  CEO


Certified Quality

Our company has the AENOR ER-0184/2002 certificate and the IQNet ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the design, production and sale of hydro-sanitary plastic injection products as well as PVC accessories for sewage and rainwater evacuation and the pressurized fluid piping until 16PN.

After more than thirty years, this certificate guarantees that we are the first PVC accessories manufacturer in obtaining the new updated ISO 9001:2015 standard. We continue in the line of work based on innovating and guaranteeing our products quality, by being always at our clients’ service.

We have the UNE-EN 1329 certificate which guarantees our products manufacture quality.

Technology and Experience

IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L. is a firm specialized in manufacturing solutions for water EVACUATION.Ibide has more than 30 years’ experience in the plumbing supplies industry. Its commitment to service has set its commercialization in a national and international level in order to offer a highly competitive range of products in line with the most demanding market needs.

IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L. has chosen a progressive growth in order to find a place among the most important manufacturers in the industry. Its current facilities are more than 10.000 square meters broad and it has its own sections to make casts and plastic injection.

Thanks to our own die-stamping workshop and laboratory, we can efficiently make products adapted to the new regulations and supply them at highly competitive prices. Besides, the quality of our supply is guaranteed by the high precision German machinery we use to make injection casts.

The result of the most demanding work is a well finished product. The manufacturing process of our products has reached a high level of perfection in the IBIDE range.

We offer our clients the possibility to include a barcode in purchased product for their convenience.

Intelligent solutions


Experience and specialization

IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L. has substantially invested in modernizing its machines, as well as in training the specialized staff.

The care in all the manufacturing processes, going from the computerized assisted design to the injection in hi-tech presses, which offer the highest precision and reliability, is a constant issue in IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L.’s philosophy.

One of the company’s biggest pride is its die-stamping section, which is one of the essential pillars to get a uniform quality product and excellent finishes for the IBIDE® range.


Our current facilities allow us to have a wide stock to ensure any of our products delivery in record time. To do so, we also count on the effectiveness of our logistic department that personalizes every shipment for every order and every client.

IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L. considers trading relations in terms of cordiality, commitment, confidence and responsibility. IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L. goals, regarding its clients, are continuity-aimed and productive relations for both parties.

A qualified and dynamic service, which allows us to supply our products at competitive prices, within the established periods and keeping uniformity in their quality are the premises that enable IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L. to keep excellent relations with its current clients and to introduce itself to new potential clients.