IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L. has a full range of accessories for hydro-sanitary products with a specific mission each of them which combine a quick water evacuation with an independence guaranteeing the appropriate hygienic conditions.


The trap is a hydraulic closing that blocks the communication of the evacuation net foul air with the inhabited facilities air where there are different sanitary devices that drain in this net installed.

Moreover, the trap must let that solid substances that the waste water may sweep along go through easily, so it must not represent resistance to these materials evacuations preventing them from being retained in it having the possibility of accumulation or obstruction.

The most important feature of a trap is its “c” closing level, whose level cannot be, on the one side, too small (risk of loss due to syphonage), on the other side, too big (risk of obstruction), being the appropriate value comprised between 5cm at least and 10 cm at most.


The accessories for hydro-sanitary products manufactured by IBIDE FITTING PLASTIC S.L., have the following main technical characteristics:

• They are made with materials able to support exceptional hot water discharges until about 95ºC, according to the classification:


Body, cap, nuts, traps Polypropylene
Gaskets and rings Rubber, NBR and PVC
Grids and trims Stainless steel AISI 304
Screws Stainless steel



• Traps can be available depending on the version in measures of ¼” y ½”. If a ¼”version is not available for a specific trap, a reductive Ø40-32 biconical connection is always supplied to join one diameter with the other one.

• Accessories are ‘U’ shaped and have a 50mm hydraulic closing ‘c’ level guaranteeing there is neither risk of closing loss caused by siphoning nor risk of obstruction in the trap.

• Connections between the elements forming the trap accessories and valves are mechanically made by a cap or a nut, which ensure a proper sealing and leak tightness through flat blocks in the caps or cone-shaped connections in nuts.

• The joining to the exit pipe is also made by a cone-shaped connection set and an Ø40 or Ø32 pipe may be used thanks to the reductive Ø40-32 biconical connection.

• Every trap has a register cap which allows getting rid of the accumulated dirt so that the system can properly work.